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Celebrating 40 years of partnership with bakers

Bakery has become a complex business, with a whole host of practical and creative challenges.

Today, being a baker is not only about baking good bread and other specialties, but being aware of emerging trends and bringing consumers choice and convenience, with a wide variety of fresh products available at any moment of the day. Bakeries must operate efficiently and maintain consistent, premium quality in fluctuating conditions.

At Puratos, we have been helping generations of bakers to deal with these challenges. Our trusted S500 bread improver has grown from 1 reference in 1975 to hundreds of formulas which answer local needs. Sold every 80 seconds somewhere in the world, it gives consistency and peace of mind to bakers in 75 countries.

We’re celebrating 40 years of S500 by inviting you to find inspiration and solutions to your problems in our online baker community. You can find practical advice, tips and tricks, and enter a contest to fulfil your wishlist.

“Baker Stories is the place to share experiences, ideas and opinions. We want to help artisan bakers to find new ways to delight consumers and push their businesses forwards”

- Youri Dumont, Business Unit Director - Bakery Improvers, Puratos.

As your reliable partner in innovation, Puratos brings you a full range of other products and application expertise. You can visit us at www.puratos.com

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